The Local Shop

a part of RMA’s direct-to-consumer program, Think. Shop. Buy. Local.

We’ll email you the link to view your Store Page after adding your information to the site.

What’s Included

and what it will look like

Individual Store Page


  1. Business Name
  2. Business Description
  3. Business Website
  4. Business Banner
  5. Four Individual Products


The Products


  1. Product Name
  2. Product Description
  3. Product Price (only a singular price)
  4. Product Images (up to two)
  5. Link to product on your site


Pro Tips For Success

  • Unique products
  • Giftable items
  • Best price range: $10-100
  • Choose items that fit into different categories for more exposure*
    *example: home goods, clothing & accessories, pets, health & beauty


Where You’ll Be Listed

and what it will look like

Main Local Shop

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How It’s Promoted

promoted through our “Think. Shop. Buy. Local” program, directly to consumers.

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The Local Shop

Normally $20 a month, now included in your FREE Retail Merchants’ Membership, as a help to our community.