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RMA is welcoming Fahrenheit Advisors for a Minimum Wage webinar focused on long-term financial and human capital planning for the upcoming increases in Virginia.   

This two-part series will feature two 45-minute sessions that cover the most impactful areas of these changes for your business.  


Part Two: May 13 – 2:00 pm
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In our second Minimum Wage session, we welcome Keith Middleton, Co-Managing Partner at Fahrenheit Advisors who will focus on financial planning and will cover:  

  • timeline of increases  
  • the financial assessment of wage compression 
  • margin and expense analysis  
  • and other verticals  




Don’t Miss Part One: May 11 – 2:00 pm  
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In our first Minimum Wage session, we welcome Sara Shelton, Managing Director, Human Capital Management Practice Lead at Fahrenheit Advisors who will focus on the human capital aspect and will cover:  

  • current workforce challenges 
  • maintaining a competitive advantage to attract and retain talent  
  • wage compression (where there is only a small difference in pay between employees regardless of their skills, experience or seniority)  
  • the emergence of new positions and automation growth  
  • and employee communication