Making Payment Processing Easy

Retail Merchants has partnered with Blueswipe to make payment processing easy.

Retail Merchants has partnered with Blueswipe to bring local businesses an easy solution for credit card processing. Locally owned, Blueswipe has the support and technology to make your switch as painless and easy as possible.

Leading Technology

Point-of-sale systems and equipment fit to your needs – included in your customer’s subscription.

Maximize customer reach with additional processing capabilities

  • Gift Cards
  • Rewards/Loyalty Programs
  • Analytics







Employee Management

Employee Management

Customizable Solutions

Multiple solutions to meet every business need.

  • Access to over 350+ apps to grow any business
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Real-time reporting
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Proprietary marketplace solution

Switching processors is ridiculously easy.

We have the support and technology to make your switch as painless and easy as possible.

  • Online reporting
  • Full-time, Richmond-based Customer Support Team
  • Technical Support

Exclusive RMA Member Discount

As an RMA member, businesses will receive an additional 10% price reduction on a Blueswipe subscription.

Typical results:

About 80% of statements analyzed resulted in Blueswipe saving local owners money — to date an average of about 30% saved on the cost of processing.

Simple Process & Results in less than 24hrs

Here’s how sending your statement works:

  • Securely upload a typical month’s payment processing statement.
  • Blueswipe’s team and technology generate your statement report within ~24 hours.
  • Blueswipe provides your statement report with simple, straightforward facts you can use, including, a comparison of what you pay to like businesses, a simple explanation of your current pricing structure, callouts of all hidden fees & other opportunities to save, and whether Blueswipe can provide consistent savings for your business.
  • Obligation and cost-free, 80% of businesses find savings of 30%!

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Katie Whittington

Member Relations Coordinator