While the holiday season tends to be synonymous with shopping and retail businesses, the season also offers non-retail businesses an opportunity to reconnect with customers as well reach potential new ones. 

This is an opportunity for businesses to get creative, even if your business type is not typically synonymous with the holidays. In 2017 the music streaming service Spotify debuted “Spotify Wrapped” – an annual review released in early December highlighting users’ listening statistics over the past year. It gave the company something to promote at the end of the year while also garnering buzz and free marketing across all social media channels. Today, users look forward to the annual release, but prior to 2017, no one would have ever associated a music streaming company with the holidays. 

Check out our list below for some inspiration for non-retail businesses looking to take advantage of the holiday season. 

Create a Discount: Customers are already planning to open their wallets this time of year, take advantage of that by tempting them with a holiday discount. 

Host an Open House: Invite existing customers, clients, and partners to a holiday open house. It’s a great opportunity to get face time, show off new products or features, as well as show appreciation for their business or support over the past year. 

Give Back to a Good Cause: The holidays are filled with opportunities to give back to the community. Whether you choose to make a donation in your company’s name, or use it as a team-building opportunity by volunteering, giving back is a great way to earn goodwill and get your business’ name out within the community. 

Partner with Nearby Retailers: If your business offers a consumer service consider partnering with neighboring retailers for a spend and receive type promotion. 

Offer Gift Certificates: A gift certificate for a service can sometimes make the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person. While perfect, it may not be top of mind so be sure to promote it via your company’s social media and/or email newsletter so that customers know about it.

Handwritten Cards: Nothing shows someone how much you value their support or business quite like a handwritten card. Sending out handwritten cards is the perfect way to thank select clients and partners.