From Neechic, by Anetra Byrd:

Covid has forced all of us to alter our approach to how we live, interact with others, network, and socialize in general; we have been forced to adjust to a new “normal.” While many companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs have adjusted well to virtual meetings (many opting for Zoom), this trend and necessity did not just begin due to the pandemic. More companies and businesses were previously implementing this form of connection especially with more and more remote workers. And, with so many showing up digitally, it remains imperative that appearance is a key component to ensure that your company, business or personal brand is represented in the best light.

A few ways that you can ensure that you show up at your virtual best are:

  • Women: Jewel tones are best due to their rich, saturated colors.
  • Women: V-Neck tops are most appealing and work for all body types.
  • Men: Cool blues and natural tones work best due to color exposure by the camera’s sensors.
  • Clothing should be wrinkle, stain and lint free.
  • Ring lights help to brighten and highlight you, which can make you look more refreshed and assist with smoothing your complexion (along with makeup).
  • At a minimum, light makeup is recommended due to how you are translated through the camera, which naturally accentuates and magnifies flaws and wash out your skin. Makeup brightens you and your skin, smooths your complexion, and brings out your natural features.
  • Dress appropriately….remember your company’s brand or your brand!

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