From Virginia Commonwealth University Office of Continuing and Professional Education:

Throughout 2021, The Virginia Commonwealth University Office of Continuing and Professional Education (OCPE) is offering a collection of self-paced online, noncredit courses and certificates in partnership with The Learning Resources Network (LERN). From learning about customer service, to mastering skills in Excel and podcasting, the VCU OCPE is a place to connect with online learning opportunities and in-demand skills training. These courses flexibility as participants can participate as their schedule allows, any time of the day, and enroll up to five days after the start date. Noncredit courses and certificates focus on online readings and audio/visual presentations, with quizzes to verify knowledge.

LERN courses build skills. For example; in Extraordinary Customer Service, participants will learn how to understand their particular customer, how to best serve them, and how to give them an easy and enjoyable experience. Through the bundle of courses in the Certificate in Mastering Excel, participants will learn how to construct, populate, and edit spreadsheets, and how to analyze data in Excel. With the Podcasting course, participants will learn how to take a business or hobby and turn it into a podcast. This step-by-step class will take participants from start to finish and cover the required elements needed to get a podcast online.

Build real life or resume skills, or start or enhance a business, with the knowledge gained in the more than 15 courses and certificates offered. Learn more and register via the OCPE website here.