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Does my business have liability for patrons or employees who refuse to wear a mask?

Businesses are not responsible for enforcement of EO63 on individual patrons. Businesses are responsible for enforcement of EO61 on employees who are required to wear a mask.


What is the penalty for not wearing a face covering in a public setting mentioned in Executive Order 63?

Patrons who are not wearing a face covering can be the subject of enforcement via the Virginia Department of Health. In the case of egregious violations VDH can enforce through a court-issued injunction (civil) or summons and warrant, which are punishable as a Class One misdemeanor. Both require VDH to go through a judicial process prior to any potential arrest, which distinguishes this from a Class One misdemeanor through the criminal code. This is why the Executive Order cites title 32.1-health, and not the criminal code.