Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Wellness Virtual Toolkit

​Online Workshop.

In partnership with Yukon Learning, this resource helps students learn about stress, positive coping strategies, and an introduction to mindfulness.  Click here: CKG Intro to Mental Wellness


Digital Worksheet. 

This tool, Turn Down the Heat (attached as a PDF), is part of the CKG Wellness Program Know Your Boiling Point.  You can help students create their personal self-awareness plan for taking care of their mental health and identify ways to deal with stress.  It also gives them an opportunity to think about trusted adults, gratitude, and personal strengths.  It pairs nicely with the CKG Intro to Mental Wellness on-line workshop above.


Audio Visualization Exercise.

Travel with Grace Gallagher to your own ​peace-giving treehouse through this mindful visualization.  Click here to listen: Treehouse Visualization


Free Film Screening.

In the past year, we offered the widely acclaimed film documentary Angst Raising Awareness Around Anxiety to our community.  For the first time, Indieflix, creator of Angst ​is offering its library of award-winning films that address anxiety, bullying, effects of social media and mental health ​for home viewing.  You can receive a seven-day free trial or subscribe for $4.99/month.  To learn more, view trailers or to subscribe, visit