From Local Foodie Specials: 

Local Foodie Specials, an online restaurant-row, announced the launch of, a new digital resource that allows restaurants to reach local customers with special offers, discounts, and deals.

As restaurants subscribe to the platform and upload their specials, the mobile-friendly website uses geo intelligence to provide customers with a list of specials and deals from local restaurants. For restaurant owners, using the subscription-based platform is easy—simply upload specials as they’re offered, and set the expiration date. This creates the chance for local restaurants to stay relevant and top-of-mind for foodies looking to eat local while enjoying specials and discounts comparable to chain restaurants. Local Foodie Specials is also free to patrons, making it an ideal and reliable source for saving on their dining experiences.

The initial launch of covers a 100-mile radius from Richmond, Virginia; reaching nearly 90% of the state, and parts of Washington, D.C. The initial outreach to restaurants and consumer marketing effects will occur within that targeted radius.

Restaurants can run up to 10 live specials at once by taking three easy steps:

  • Sign Up: Enter the restaurant’s basic information to their Local Foodie Specials account
  • Pick: Choose either a monthly or annual subscription
  • Post: Begin posting specials and driving new customers to local restaurants in their area

The launch of brings a fresh, new way to connect customers and travelers to local restaurants. For more information on opportunities and offers through LocalFoodie Specials, visit