1969 was a big year. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon; Jimmy Hendrix sang Purple Haze at Woodstock; and closer to home, Virginia Commonwealth Corporation was formed in the statuesque old Mutual Building at 909 East Main Street in downtown Richmond.

A black and white ad from 1969 featuring the six founders of VCC

The founders of VCC in 1969.

Originally created through the merger of two different insurance agencies, Goddin, Goodridge & Robertson and Parrish-Satterfield Insurance Agency, Virginia Commonwealth Corporation (VCC) recently celebrated their 50th anniversary with an open house in their current office located in the West End.

“We’ve been through the hard markets, we’ve been through the soft markets, and we’ve grown in both of those environments,” says VCC President, Ben Tompkins.

An independent insurance agency, VCC is a trusted advisor offering business, home/auto, health, and life insurance products throughout Virginia. Additionally, VCC is a Keystone partner which enables them to provide customers with the best in value and in price.

As a local independent business, VCC prides itself on providing a concierge client experience – something that’s rare in the insurance industry while still being able to offer coverage from top-rated national and regional insurance carriers.

“It’s all about relationships,” says VCC Vice-President, Jason Priest. “Relationships are what got this company to where it is today.”

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