The path from customer to owner

The journey to opening a business is more often than not, a lengthy process filled with ups, downs, unexpected obstacles, and tough decisions. For Jonathan Cotten, owner of The Good Feet Store, the process was a little bit different.

While most people begin with an idea, Jonathan began with pain – foot pain, to be exact. The pain had sidelined his running and eventually drove him to The Good Feet Store as a customer in 2013. And the rest, as they say, is history. A year and his first marathon later, he found that he loved the product so much, he was willing to put his money where his mouth is. He took out a home equity loan and cashed out part of his 401k to buy the business. Today, he’s preparing to open his fifth location.

“I did everything a CPA would tell you not to do,” said Jonathan. “but I believed in the product and believed the return would be worth it.”

an associate fits a shoe


an associate slides an insert into a shoe

Driven by the desire to help the community live an active and healthy lifestyle one step at a time, The Good Feet Store is more than just an insert and shoe store – though they also sell those. Rather, The Good Feet Store’s primary focus is centered around fitting customers with individualized arch supports designed to correct poor biomechanics that are often the cause of common foot and foot-related problems.

Dedicated not only to helping the community via their feet, The Good Feet Store also encourages civic engagement in its employees whereby they take an active role in selecting which community organizations the store partners with through its Step-Up Rewards program. Currently, The Good Feet Store is involved with Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), Virginia War Memorial Foundation, Strategies to Elevate People (STEP), East End Pregnancy Center, Recovery from Everyday Addictive Lifestyles (REAL), and Into The Neighborhood.

“This is why our mission statement is, ‘Helping our community live an active and healthy lifestyle one step at a time’,” said Jonathan. “When I invested in this company, I knew this was where my heart was.”

The Good Feet Store’s Richmond location is located at 12276 West Broad Street. To schedule a fitting or for more information visit their website.