Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home, it’s also a good time to take care of a few housekeeping items for your business as we approach the halfway point for the year. Here are five ways to spring clean your business:

Evaluate Your Website

Now is a good time to check-in with your website and make sure you’re getting the most out of it. A few things to check are:

  • Is it up to date? Is all of the featured content still relevant? Is all of the contact information still accurate?
  • Is your site user friendly? Try and take a step back and look at your website as an outsider – what kind of user experience does it offer? Is it clunky and hard to navigate?
  • Are there pages that aren’t being utilized? Sometimes less is more and a cleaner, more condensed site is easier for consumers to find key information. Check your analytics and see if each page is garnering views.

Review Staffing Needs

Summer is coming and with summer often comes different staffing needs. Take time to reevaluate your needs and see if schedules need to change. Make sure that current role responsibilities are still the most effective use of your team’s time and resources based on historical sales data.

Sweep Out Your Inbox

Have you flagged a million emails thinking that you’d come back to them later? Well, later is now. Review those emails you’ve put off and start the second half of the year with a clean slate. Take time to unsubscribe from any newsletters that no longer provide value. The same can go for your physical inbox. If you’ve amassed a collection of papers, put aside some time to file everything away in the proper place.

Revisit Your Marketing Plan

Situations change and what may have worked in the past, may not be working as effectively six months later. Take time to reevaluate your marketing plan and make sure that it is still accurate and that you are getting the best ROI for your efforts. Along the same lines, it’s a good time to make sure that your budget is still on track. If you need help developing a marketing plan, check out this post.

Clean and Declutter

Just like at home, your business could probably use some deep cleaning and decluttering. Clean out old files, shred documents you no longer need, and consolidate inventory.