You heard right –  Evolution Hearing is now open. The independently owned, private audiology practice has opened its second location in Central Virginia, just off of Broad near Willow Lawn.

Evolution Hearing Out

Owned by Dr. Kristin Koch, who brings 20 years of industry experience, Evolution Hearing offers personalized care and solutions based on each patient’s individualized needs, budget, and lifestyle.

The Evolution Hearing Team

At the new location, Dr. Cooper Evans will guide patients through the process beginning with a complimentary, no-obligation hearing evaluation which can assist in determining why you may be having difficulties including hearing but not understanding certain words, difficulty understanding conversation in noisy environments such as restaurants, frequently having to ask others to repeat themselves, or having to turn up the television in order to understand what is being said.

Hearing testing soundbooth

Special telephone for hearing impaired that shows words

Evolution Hearing aims to help patients rediscover the sounds, activities, and passions that allow patients to live life to its fullest without being hindered by issues such as damage to the eardrum, fluid accumulation in the middle ear, or other conditions negatively affecting patients’ hearing.

Evolution Hearing pamphlet

Located at 4808 Radford Avenue, Suite A, near the intersection of Broad St and Staples Mill. More information regarding their services can be found on their website.