While most members tout the networking events and opportunities as well as government relations and lobbying efforts as key membership benefits, Retail Merchants offers members so much more. Check out a few of our most popular member benefits below – you might just learn about a new one!

We’ll Give You Your Space

Whether you’re holding interviews or a team building workshop, sometimes you just need a little room to stretch out. Retail Merchants features five rooms of various sizing and layouts, many of which are free for members to use for staff meetings or training.* Each room comes equipped with a projector screen, and RMA offers plenty of free parking for attendees.

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Everyone’s an Expert at Something

Share your knowledge and expertise with other business owners via the Retail Merchants blog. By submitting blog posts on business-relevant topics, members are able to establish themselves as industry leaders and connect potential customers to their brand. Select posts will appear in the bi-monthly RMA Happenings e-newsletter.

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Share Your Events

Retail Merchants’ consumer-facing brand, Think. Shop. Buy. Local. features a community calendar where members can post public events. Select events will be featured in the bi-monthly TSBL consumer e-newsletter.

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Let’s Celebrate

We want to help you celebrate your store opening, new location, or anniversary! Members may request an RMA ribbon-cutting celebration to gain additional exposure. Each ribbon cutting celebration includes an actual ribbon cutting, photos, and blog post on both RMA’s blog as well as the consumer facing Think. Shop. Buy. Local.’s Local Stories section.

Request a Ribbon Cutting.

Not to be out-done, special anniversaries are an accomplishment in their own right and cause for celebration as well. We want to help share your story with a special blog post and photos.

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 Get the Word Out

Through specially negotiated rates with advertising partners, members can enjoy a number of advertising opportunities – ideal for promoting special events, sales, or increasing general brand awareness. Members can also take advantage of RMA based advertising opportunities designed to reach RMA’s loyal to local audiences through either the RMA platform or the consumer facing Think. Shop. Buy. Local. platform.

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 You’ve Got Questions, The Community Has Answers

Retail Merchants’s members-only online community connects members across all industries and experience levels. This virtual village of experts has provided advice on topics ranging from best hiring practices, to snow day policies, to advertising insights. Looking for tips on how to handle HR issues? The community has answers. Need recommendations on service providers? The community can offer guidance based on personal experiences. Don’t have any questions, you should still check it out because you just might be the expert someone else is looking for!

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Here to Help

RMA has partnered with several well-vetted local companies to offer members specific solutions and resources (often money saving) to explicit quandaries. From hiring and staffing dilemmas to credit card payment processing, these partners take care of the nitty gritty so that members can focus on their businesses.

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