Advertise on Dasher Boards at Stony Point Fashion Park’s
Holiday Skating Rink – Stony Point on Ice!
  • Exposure to 10,000+ holiday skaters and more than a million
    shoppers during the 8 week skating season, Nov. 10, 2018 –
    Jan. 6, 2019.
  • Co-branding with an innovative and exciting Stony Point Fashion Park
    program and its coinciding events:
    o Tree Lighting Festival, Stony Point Fashion on Ice Shows, Paint
    the Ice, Holiday Performances and more!
    Rate per Dasher Board: $2450 (that’s a 35% discount!) for an 8’x3’
    panel during the full 8-week skating season (printing and installation
    are included in the above cost). Plus, an opportunity to set up a table for
    2 hrs during the season.
  • Reserve your board(s) TODAY! High res logo is due by 10/24/18.
Contact Karen Alley with inquiries.