Welcome to Stony Point Fashion Park, Bravo Rocco!

The Cafe is named after and in honor of owner Iris Smith’s father. Growing up in an Italian household everything revolved around hugs, loud conversation, food, and coffee! Iris’s father took pride in making the perfect cup of Espresso. At a young age, she would accompany her dad to the local Coffee Shop. As soon as you entered you were always hit with the wonderful aroma of coffee and a friendly “Ciao” from the owners. The baked goods and Italian gelato mixed with a friendly, family-like atmosphere completed the unforgettable experience. In memory of her father, we strive to provide a memorable coffee shop experience that will be carried out with emphasis on that “perfect cup of coffee.”

Bravo Rocco | website | instagram | 9200 Stony Point Pkwy Suite 180, Richmond, VA