Summer at Art Works continues with the exhibit BORDERLINE by Mary Storms—so if you missed seeing the exhibit—there’s still time.  Storms’ artwork will inspire and awe you. Several new solo shows and the July All Media juried show open.    

Please join us July 27th, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. for the opening reception, refreshments, live music and a gallery talk. The exhibits continue through August 18, 2018. This event is free and open to the public. Parking is free. 

 Exhibits include:


BORDERLINE by Mary Storms

Mary Storms expresses her artistic vision through abstract mixed-media landscapes.  As a self-taught artist, with a degree in biology, Mary is intrigued and inspired by the natural environment. Her intent is to provide the viewer with a sense of the symbiotic relationship between primeval elements–stone, soil, water and sky–and the life these elements nurture.

Mary’s canvases are noted for their rich textures and intense color, from bold and vibrant to quiet and subdued. In addition to acrylic paint, she uses sculpting paste, along with layers of torn or cut handmade paper and recycled magazine paper. To add additional depth, portions of some layers are scrubbed or scraped off. Paint is applied with brushes, palette knives, and her hands.

Mary’s award-winning work has been exhibited in multiple venues throughout North Carolina and is included in many local, national, and international private collections. She is currently represented by Gallery444 in San Francisco, CA and the Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, NC. This exhibit will be in the Jane Sandelin Gallery.


Silverpoint: Almost A Lost Art by Theresa Armstrong

Seeing the exhibition “Leonardo to Jasper Johns” at the National Museum of Art in Washington, Armstrong was inspired by the understated beauty of the masters’ drawing during the Renaissance period. Silverpoint marks or lines (microscopic particles scraped from a metal stylus by an abrasive ground) cannot be erased and tonal variations are limited to lighter shades of gray. The difficulty of the medium presented an irresistible challenge to her drawing skills to achieve the image she wanted. Silverpoint was almost lost as an art form with the invention of graphite or the pencil. Fortunately, a few artists have carried on the traditions throughout the centuries since the 1500’s and commercial grounds are now produced to make the process easier and more rewarding. This exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery, East.


Under Construction by Anne B. Burnley

In this suite of images, Anne Burnley’s intent is to convey the energy and excitement that she feels as she documents people engrossed in creative endeavors. Her challenge is to use a variety of media and subject matter to explore and develop images based on the exhibit’s title, Under Construction.

This exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery, West.


Marks All at Once by Tom Hohing

Tom Hohing says, “I am a lifelong drawer, having thrown away enough paper to fuel a very large bonfire.” He is a fine art print maker. His work will be in the Corner Gallery.


Garden Party by Susan Cary

Susan Cary finds inspiration from rural Virginia, albeit close to Richmond. Join her for this special “Garden Party” in the Skylight Gallery at Art Works.  



This exhibit is a focal point of all Art Works’ openings.  Chris Semtner is the juror for the exhibit. There are cash prizes and the exhibit is open to all artists and all mediums.  Call for Entries is on July 20th and 21st, 2018 at Art Works.   Check our website for details on submitting your artwork: