Jenni Kirby wasn’t always immersed in the arts but decided to expand her horizons by opening Crossroads Art Center with a friend in 2002. Kirby became the sole owner in 2012. Today, Crossroads Art Center has significantly increased in size and popularity and is now the home to over 225 different local artists. As her appreciation deepened, she started her second art endeavor, BuyRVAart, which she co-owns.

Her passion for connecting the community with the arts is almost unrivaled. Anyone who knows Jenni knows that she is always up for making connections, helping to promote her neighbors, and finding new, creative ways to be loyal to local.



Motivated by this notion and her dedication to the arts, Jenni, along with many other local art & culture entities, is a proud supporter of artoberVA. ArtoberVA is a celebration of arts & culture in Richmond and the Tri-Cities area. With the support of generous financial partners, CultureWorks spends the month of October promoting events and encouraging residents and visitors to engage with the world-class cultural and arts scene in Central Virginia. It’s a time to explore family-friendly events, unique collaborations, and pop-ups in new places you’ve never experienced before.

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