Join Our Open Membership Today, At No Cost

To build solidarity across the sector, the retail business leaders on RMA’s board have voted to open membership to all local retail businesses at no cost. We invite all retail business owners to join RMA’s existing members who are already participating in Retail Relief, an initiative that supports our members with information, support, and advocacy.


Retail is Paying a Heavy Price, Get Some Relief

Today retailers are paying a heavy price for measures intended to limit the spread of COVID-19. Retail Merchants has taken swift action to give all members benefits to help bring relief, at no cost. 

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Retail Relief Community

Members, at no cost, can access and utilize the Retail Relief community where they can share information, ask questions, or connect with other businesses. The community hosts special small business coronavirus topic threads to help navigate through the times.

retail relief 2020

Receive Consolidated and Translated Updates

Receive consolidated and translated information around government mandates, stimulus packages, loans, grants, and other relief efforts that impact retail specifically.

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Make an Impact

Be heard as a part of the collective voice to implore our elected officials to take specific action to keep the retail, and particularly the local retail, sector intact.

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Showcase Products

Engage in our Think. Shop. Buy. Local platform that highlights how retailers are adapting and how our consumers can support them through the Local Shop.

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Video Roundtables

Entry to facilitated peer-to-peer video conferencing roundtables.

retail relief 2020

Industry-Specific Webinars

Admittance to industry-specific webinars on crisis management, government mandates, and other relevant topics based on your needs.


Founded by Retailers, Led by Retailers

Our organization was founded by retailers and is led by a board of retailers, so we understand the challenges you’re going through.

Heartbeat of our Community

RMA has always acted as a champion of retail businesses that serve the community and represent the heartbeat of our economy.

We are Unapologetic Advocates

We vigorously defend the retailers who serve our community. We are unapologetic advocates.

Support for the Retailers

The people in Central Virginia are united in their support for the retailers who make their lives better and the retailers who make up the membership of RMA are united in their determination to help each other to survive this crisis so they can continue to serve us all.

Join our Members in Retail Relief

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For Service Partners

As a show of support to retail businesses, RMA is encouraging our service partners to join us in our mission to keep the retail sector intact.

If you have an offering of free or deeply discounted support for our retailers, please contact Katie Whittington. Thank you.