About Your Nomination

When you nominate a local retailer, your nominee will be contacted by Retail Merchants and vetted for the award by a dedicated committee of long-standing local business owners. The winner of the award will be announced and honored at our December Celebration.

1966 William B. Thalhimer, Jr., Thalhimers
1967 Webster S. Rhoads, Miller & Rhoads
1968 Daniel Schiller, Thalhimers
1969 Raymond M. Munsch, Miller & Rhoads
1970 Kenneth Lord, Kenneth Lord Furniture Shop
1971 Emmett R. Kelley, Kelley’s Inc. Hardware Store
1972 James T. Matthews, Sears, Roebuck & Co.
1973 Newman Hamblet, Thalhimers
1974 Carl E. Bain, Westhampton Pharmacy
1975 Mel Burns, Mel Burns Clothes
1976 Robert C. Kennedy, Old Dominion Camera Shop
1977 Walter M. Fisher, Thalhimers
1978 Morton Marks, Jr., Morton Marks & Sons
1979 Jack L. Weiner, Saxon Shoes
1980 James & Robert Ukrop, Ukrop’s Super Markets
1981 Richard E. Strauss, Dick Strauss Ford-Isuzu
1982 David G. Taylor, Bon Air Hardware
1983 Jack M. Kreuter, Jack Kreuter Jewelers
1984 Malcolm Kalman, Siegel’s Super Markets
1985 Frances & Sydney Lewis, Best Products
1986 James T. Hatcher, Sr., Jr.& III, Pleasants Hardware
1987 William D. Selden, IV, C. P. Dean
1988 Max H. Pearson, Richmond Honda
1989 Frank B. Bradley, III, Fas Mart Stores
1990 William B. Thalhimer, Jr., Thalhimers
1991 Stuart C. Siegel, S&K Famous Brands
1992 Joseph M. Kelleher, Jr., Kelleher Corp.
1993 Leonard L. Edloe, Leonard L. Edloe Corp.
1994 Millie Jones, Festival Flags
1995 John A. Williams, Pleasants Hardware
1996 Gary Weiner, Saxon Shoes
1997 Franco Ambrogi, Franco’s Fine Clothier
1998 Jo Anne Draucker, Premiere, Inc./Ellman’s Dancewear
1999 Sarah Paxton and Andy Thornton, LaDifference
2000 Tom Sands, Target
2001 Richard L. Sharp, Circuit City
2002 Paul & Marie Antoinette Elbling, La Petite France
2003 Neil Gulati, Mattress King
2004 Jacques Moore, Moore Family of Dealerships
2005 Gary Glover, Puritan Cleaners
2006 Pat Patrick, Patrick Auto Group
2007 Frederick W. Siewers, Jr. and John C, Siewers, II, Siewers Lumber and Millwork
2008 Lisa McSherry, Lex’s of Carytown
2009 Mark Smith, Midas of Richmond
2010 William Selden, C.P. Dean
2011 Donelson Caffery, Good Foods Grocery
2012 Pat & Bobbi Heaney, Mango Salon
2013 David & Richard Hendrick, Custom Kitchens, Inc
2014 Barry Moore, Haley Buick GMC
2015 Ronnie Adolf, Adolf Jewelers
2016 Jenni Kirby, Crossroads Art Center
2017 Chris Holder, Capital Ale House

Starting in 1966, RMA has been honoring an exceptional and distinguished retailer. Retail legends like William Thalhimer and Webster Rhoads were among the first to be recognized for their distinguished leadership in the community by this award. Today, the current Distinguished Retailer of the Year is Chris Holder, Capital Ale House. Chris’ proven leadership and dedication to giving back to our community truly set him apart.

As we look forward to honoring another Richmond legend this year, we look back and celebrate the tremendous leadership and selfless giving of RVA’s local retailers.