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We will be joined by Jason Hamilton, Cofounder & General Manager of Snag Work, to discuss how the gig economy is changing the way people view and perform work and how businesses can adapt to the shifting landscape.

The Workforce is Changing

How people live, work and spend their money has changed dramatically over the past decade, especially with the advent of smartphone technology. The gig economy is growing rapidly – today 27% of the workforce is made up of gig or independent workers and is predicted to grow to 50% in the next 5 years.

Technology isn’t the only thing fueling rapid growth, the gig economy is offering workers greater flexibility, freedom and personal fulfillment in their jobs. Attend our June Friday Forum to learn what near and long-term solutions are available for your business.

What is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is made up of three main components: the independent workers paid by the gig (i.e., a task or a project) as opposed to those workers who receive a salary or hourly wage; the consumers who need a specific service, for example, a ride to their next destination, or a particular item delivered; and the companies that connect the worker to the consumer in a direct manner, including app-based technology platforms.

About Snag Work

Snag Work is an on-demand platform that instantly connects workers with open shifts in restaurants, hotels, and retail storefronts. They help retailers with headaches like daily callouts, high turnover, difficulty hiring, and lack of control.


Featured Speaker

Jason Hamilton

Product & Growth Leader for snag.work


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