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Come hear industry leaders speak about why brands including Walmart, Nestle, and Kroger are embracing this Blockchain Technology, including case stories around supply chain management, retail systems, and money movement/payments.

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Phu Nguyen, Co-Founder & CEO, Omega ICO LLC

Phu is a developer with a strong passion for advancing cryptocurrency on a global scale. Currently the founder and CEO of Omega ICO and COO of Block Star.  As a Department of Defense Software Engineer, he made program changes that helped thousands of U.S. Soldiers worldwide. In his spare time, Phu leads the RVA Blockchain Developers group and organizes the annual Block 9 Conference.  Phu is passionate about technology and focused on advancing RVA as a technology hub.



Chris Eide, CTO, Connexus Secure

A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years in the IT industry. Currently the CTO @ Connexus Secure where he is providing financial data portability for account holders so they can enhance their lives. After work, he is chilling on the organizing committee for ScrumRVA, RVA Blockchain Developers, and RVA Blockchain Conference BC9.


Why is it important for retailers and small businesses to come learn about this topic?

In 2018, 3.9 billion in VC capital and 7.9 billion in ICO funds where raised. Walmart announced that by the end of 2019 all leafy green vegetables in their stores will be tracked using blockchain technology. B3I, a blockchain insurance industry initiative, expects a 30% increase in efficiency using blockchain technologies. There are cryptocurrency ATMs in Richmond to ease the adoption of using cryptocurrency for money movement / payments.

“The bottom line for retailers is that blockchain is not going anywhere. And there have been enough developments out there across both consumer and business applications out there, that it is time to pay attention to the technology, and where it’s headed next.” Nikki Baird VP of Retail Innovation @ Aptos


An incorruptible, world-wide digital ledger of transactions, Blockchain allows for greater trust, transparency, and collaboration across various constituencies, in addition to offering the use of “smart contracts” – a never-before-possible means of automating and auditing transactions.