Better Payment Processing, Made for Local Business Owners

Retail Merchants has partnered with Blueswipe to bring local businesses a better solution for credit card processing.  RVA’s own Blueswipe is the innovative company bringing a new level of service and transparency to payment processing. With fair terms, helpful service, and attractive pricing local businesses can save money without sacrificing service.

Learn how Blueswipe can work for you and take advantage of the savings included in your RMA membership.


Straightforward Payment Processing

Blueswipe offers one simple subscription solution with better pricing, better service, no long-term contracts, and no cancellation fees, specially crafted for local businesses.

Blueswipe is the simple, straightforward, and hassle-free payment processing solution for retailers.

    Accessible & customer-focused, local support team with 24/7 technical support for emergencies.
    Blueswipe is hardware friendly and integrates with the vast majority of POS systems and gateways.
    Blueswipe’s online portal provides useful, user-friendly resources for owners (like real-time transaction monitoring) and robust customer transaction analytic tools to grow your business (like which items sell best on which day).
    About 80% of statements analyzed resulted in Blueswipe saving local owners money — to date an average of about 30% saved on the cost of processing.

Providing Owners with Clear, Simple Information

Typical payment processing is a mess of complicated pricing, conflated fees, confusing line items. It’s a nightmare to decipher.

Blueswipe provides each owner with an objective, transparent analysis of their current processing so they can make an informed decision. There is no charge for this.

And they’ll tell you when they aren’t the right fit. Blueswipe is dedicated to 100% transparency and will tell you if a customer is better off sticking with their current processor or another solution is available.

Exclusive RMA Member Discount

As an RMA member, businesses will receive an additional 10% price reduction on a Blueswipe subscription.

Typical results:

About 80% of statements analyzed resulted in Blueswipe saving local owners money — to date an average of about 30% saved on the cost of processing.

Upload Statement

Simple Process & Results in less than 24hrs

Here’s how sending your statement works:

  • Securely upload a typical month’s payment processing statement.
  • Blueswipe’s team and technology generate your statement report within ~24 hours.
  • Blueswipe provides your statement report with simple, straightforward facts you can use, including, a comparison of what you pay to like businesses, a simple explanation of your current pricing structure, callouts of all hidden fees & other opportunities to save, and whether Blueswipe can provide consistent savings for your business.
  • Obligation and cost-free, 80% of businesses find savings of 30%!
Upload Statement

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