Connecting You with Local Merchants Associations

Retail Merchants partners with the Carytown Merchants Association in order to provide local retailers with even more solutions to help their businesses thrive.

Dual Membership with More Benefits

Connecting with your local merchants association is so important. Being a part of Richmond’s strongest retail association is vital. Now, you don’t have to choose between both.

Through our partnership with Carytown Merchants Association, we’re able to bring you the best of both associations in order to provide solutions to your everyday needs. Check out the numerous benefits below!

Dual membership dues starting at just $195.

Benefits of CMA

Carytown Merchants Association (CMA) creates awareness and supports the businesses of Carytown and the surrounding area through marketing initiatives, city relations, beautication and more.

CMA Membership benefits your business through:

  • Area communication about the happenings of Carytown
  • Street and sidewalk cleaning
  • Table at Watermelon Festival
  • Purchase of Carytown flags
  • Group marketing discounts and opportunities
  • Benefits of a city liaison
  • Community partnerships with the Kickers, RTD, and Discovery Maps

Benefits of Retail Merchants

Retail Merchants is a membership organization that understands the needs of retailers and provides solutions to help their businesses thrive.

Dual Membership with RMA provides additional benefits to provide solutions and save you money:


    Promoting being loyal to local throughout RVA.


    Use our voice to protect the rights of retailers.


    Connect & inspire through a variety of events.


    Deliver programs that educate & provide resources through Certified Solutions Partners like & Experient Health.


Let’s Connect!

“We’re in the business of providing solutions for your business. I’d love to learn more about your needs and see how a dual membership can help provide solutions to your every day business needs. “

Erin Hanratta

Member Relations Advisor

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