Inspired by traditional Mediterranean cafes which brought the community together around small tables filled with the fresh flavors and ingredients found in the region, Tazikis Mediterranean Café, which recently celebrated its sixth anniversary, strives to recreate that same experience throughout it’s three Richmond area locations.

Driven by the concept of eudaimonia, a classical Greek word that is best described as “well-being,” or “human flourishing,” Tazikis endeavors to provide guests with a menu packed with chef-driven recipes and homemade meals – that are nourishing and real. Customer favorites have emerged to include Mediterranean Salad with Salmon, the Beef Kabob Feast, and the Signature Pasta.

But the true mission behind Tazikis isn’t found in the food on the plates, but rather the sense of community embraced by the restaurants, reminiscent of those Grecian cafes which originally inspired the concept. Indeed, the restaurant has taken it a step further with through the HOPE Program. HOPE, which stands for Herbs Offering Personal Enrichment partners special needs students with the three local restaurants and teaches them transferrable skills related to the restaurant industry.

Tazikis has three restaurants in the Richmond area (Innsbrook, Midlothian, and Hull Street) and also offers catering and take-out – which in keeping with its Mediterranean roots, also includes beer and wine.