RMA created the “Loyal to Local” campaign under our Think. Shop. Buy. Local program in 2015, to promote the importance of shopping locally. In 2016, it expanded into a full series that told the stories of nine local business. Now, we are able to offer this opportunity to our members, so that their unique stories can be told to an engaged audience of over 150,000!

  • Reach – sent to a digital audience of over 150,000 consumers
  • Footprint – Greater Richmond
  • Profile – engaged Richmond consumers who support local business

Promo Package

  • Completed video for use by the business, including:

    Story line & project consultation
    Coordination and filming of the video content
    Production and editing of the video

    Four weeks of video promotion under Think. Shop. Buy. Local’s “Loyal to Local” campaign:

    Think. Shop. Buy. Local website
    Think. Shop. Buy. Local social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
    Paid Facebook advertising for the video over the four weeks
    Featured story in two email blast to over 10,000 consumers

Additional Options

15-Sec Spot


30-Sec Spot


Multiple Edits

$100one set of edits included

Video Examples

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Contact Diana Kent for more information regarding advertising opportunities.