One of your busiest times of the year is fast approaching and we here at RMA want to help alleviate some of the stress and frustration that comes with staffing your business for the holidays.

It’s an on-demand platform that connects businesses with a qualified, committed part-time workforce in order to help eliminate the risk of employee call-outs, various holiday events, overtime pay, and no-shows!

  • So easy your mother-in-law could use it.

The steps to get started are simple: Sign in. Request. Accept. All with no cost to you or your business until you utilize the services.

  • It gets better – RMA members save 20%.

Yes, you read that correctly. And good news! This offer doesn’t expire. All RMA members receive 20% off the markup.

  • Five minutes (tops!) is all you need.

Not only do you deserve this quick break, but just think about how many gray hairs you’ll avoid by having your stock room ready or an extra server to help with the influx of customers during the upcoming holiday.