HUSL is the new on-demand workforce. Learn more about this workforce opportunity at our Key Session.

Set up your A-Team with HUSL:

End the daily drain of shift coverage and turnover impact
HUSL gives you immediate access to workers ready when you are and shifts are filled in as few as two minutes.

We take care of recruiting, screening, and training
Including performing background checks.

HUSL can fill your shift requests in minutes
No-shows, event staff, and seasonal coverage are no problem.

Void risk and protect your bottom line:

HUSL is fully insured and we minimize your policy risk
There’s no overtime, ACA, or workman’s comp costs for you to balance.

We bill an hourly rate for each hour our workers work
This rate includes the hourly amount we pay the worker as well as an admin fee for HUSL services.

Want to hire a HUSL worker full or part-time?
If you decide to hire one of our workers as an employee of your company, we’ll assess a fair fee per hire.



Join us at our Key Session on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 8:30 am to learn more about HUSL and what they can do for your business.