Transportation, in its many forms, whether for work commutes or recreational forays, remains a vital issue in our region. RideFinders, a division of GRTC Transit System and the region’s rideshare resource, remains focused on providing superior transportation solutions and options delivered through stellar customer service. According to the April/May 2017 Mass Transit publication, recent studies indicate that Americans rely on their personal vehicles for 83% of their daily trips while only 10 percent of their travel is by foot and one percent by bicycle. The commuting challenges faced by employers, employees, and everyday citizens provide unique opportunities to the RideFinders team to assist in sharing best industry practices on a customized level.

RideFinders works to improve the region’s air quality by providing transportation mobility solutions and increase the efficiency of the transportation network while simultaneously reducing commuting costs for area commuters and employers. Employers concerned about their employees’ commute trips due to a lack of public transportation services, sufficient employee parking, or business relocation can benefit from RideFinders’ variety of free services.  From employee commute surveys, transportation fairs, employee trip reduction programs, car and vanpool formation and assistance, company location assistance, commuter choice and employee trip reduction program development to air quality information distribution, RideFinders serves as a one-stop shop for an employer’s commuting program needs and the on-site services to set them up.

We can help! We’re prepared to assist commuters and employers alike in finding the transportation choice that is just right for their needs. We invite you to visit or call 804-643-RIDE today! Join RideFinders and do your part to make Central Virginia a great place to live, work and play.