In a time where knowledge about hands-on skills is limited, Michael and Son is now offering the opportunity to be trained for high-demand jobs.

From Richmond-Times Dispatch:

The Michael & Son Technical Academy LLC started last year and is now in its third class. So far, 19 students have finished the program and 11 others are enrolled. Not everyone finishes the challenging course.

“We’ve built this school because people are not going into the trades,” said Basim Mansour, who built Michael & Son from a two-man operation into a company with 12 offices from Baltimore to Charlotte, N.C.

“Everybody is taught that you need to go into IT or other types of jobs,” he said. “The truth is, if I wanted to hire a lawyer or an accountant or an IT guy, I would have 1,000 resumes in 10 minutes, but not when I want to hire a plumber.”


Michael & Son Training Academy Teaser Video