Thanks to Amy O’Callaghan, Snagajob Product Manager, for sharing best practices for the hiring and application process. This Key Session was actionable, practical, and very timely.

Here are the top 3 takeaways from this morning’s event:

  • Keep your job description short

Applicants are looking for two things, if they meet the job requirements and if they like the job.

  • Sell the Job

It’s a worker’s market. Make sure you list why it would be awesome to work at your business (the people, environment, promotion from within, etc).

  • Compress interview timeline

Because it’s a worker’s job market, you need to act fast. Follow up within 24-48 hours.
To streamline your follow-up process, Amy suggested filtering applications into yes’s, maybe’s, and no’s.

  • Yes – get them in the door asap, that day or the next
  • Maybe – call to screen, determine whether to move forward

The applicant can’t meet that week? Put the ball in their court and ask them to call you back on such a day to schedule. This will cut down on your no-shows.


Expert Tip: Text applicants before calling.

Your success rate in actually reaching an applicant (and not voicemail) will go way up. Not only does it identify your number, it gives applicants, who either have a job or are in school, an opportunity to get to a quiet place.

Example: “Hi (applicant) this is (your name) following up with your application to (your business), is now a good time to call?”

Thanks again to Amy for sharing great insights and actionable hiring tips.