From Glenda Kotchish, Owner of Art Works:

Jessie, Art Works’ Gallery Director, and I are meeting with the City of Richmond to discuss public art in Manchester. We have a super project in mind. Ellyn Parker, City of Richmond Public Art thinks so too.

Did you know that the Manchester District is nicknamed “Dogtown”?

It goes way back. There are various reasons ranging from the original independent city—Manchester—that reportedly did not have funds to properly run and thus was a “dogtown,” to a 1887 quote in the Richmond Times-Dispatch that, “everyone had a lot of dogs,” and to a more kindly reason that the James River “dog legs” at Manchester. Nonetheless, Manchester houses the Dogtown Dance Theatre, Camden’s Dogtown Market, and the Dogtown Dish.

Art Works puts on an annual “Dog Days of Summer” Art Show each August, started in 2008, in which we raise money for local animal shelters and have a “bring-your-dog” art opening. We thought that his year, an appropriate subject for our public art project would be DOGS and more specifically, “Dog Days of Summer Comes to DOGTOWN”.

We’re thinking about creating an official Dogtown “Dog,” getting artists involved in the design and then…well wait and see new street art in Manchester.
You’re going to love it!

Glenda Kotchish (Owner Art Works)
Jessie Boyland (Art Works Gallery Director)