We are excited to have local farmer and business owner, Amy Hicks, as a panelist for our upcoming Farm to Table Forum.

Amy and her husband, George Feruson, own Amy’s Garden, a USDA Certified Organic farm in Charles City. Growing a wide variety of vegetables and cut flowers, Amy’s Garden’s produce can be found at local farmers markets in Richmond and Williamsburg.

What’s your favorite part about the local farm to table movement?

The energy of this movement, it is growing so quickly now. You cannot help but be incredibly optimistic and excited about the future of this trend.



Do you have a favorite local dish, or local produce, or local recipe?

Yes! Fresh salsa (aka Pico de Gallo). Tomatoes are our biggest crop – many many different types/colors/sizes. We sell a salsa kit at our farmers markets – everything you need to make an awesome salsa. It’s a mix of different colored tomatoes, onion, garlic and a jalapeño (only in season in late June through September) – comes with a recipe, so simple! Just chop it all up and it’s amazing!



What’s your favorite part of being a local business owner?

Establishing and growing relationships with our customers and fellow farmers. Also, working with other small local businesses.

Come hear Amy as a panelist at our Farm to Table Forum on March 10.