Why eat local? When you eat local food you’re supporting your roots! Here are some of the tops reasons joining the “Farm to Table” movement is a good idea.

Healthier & Tastes Better

When you eat locally sourced food, the products that you’re eating didn’t have to travel thousands of miles, which means it could be picked when it’s the ripest. When fruits and vegetables are given the proper time to ripen and develop, they retain more vitamins and minerals. This enhances their nutritional value and the taste!

Supports Community

When you eat locally sourced food, you’re re-establishing the time-honored connection between the eater and the grower. You’re supporting farmers who are raising the crops and animals, raising their families, and raising the community up.

Good for the Environment (Reduces Impact)

When you eat locally sourced food, you live responsibly. Conventional food distribution systems emit up to 17 times more carbon dioxide than local food distributors.


Want to find out more about the local RVA Farm to Table movement?

Join us on March 10, for the inside story at our Friday Forum Breakfast.