Statistically, only 50% of people make it through the first month of keeping their New Year’s resolution. So, if you resolved to market your business more and have started to lose steam, you’re not alone.

Here are some money and time-saving tips from local marketing experts, to help give you a kick start into February.

The 5Ms of Marketing

In this video, SUCCESSWERKS explores what each of the 5 M’s of Marketing are, why they’re important, and how you can leverage them for your business today! SUCCESSWERKS has found this to be such a powerful strategy, that it’s the first thing they do with every client.


10-Minute Brand Tune-Up Quiz

NIMBL Marketing
10 minutes is all you need to complete this brand assessment. It’s designed to help you identify hidden marketing opportunities that can power your brand with minimal expense. Has your business been taking advantage of every opportunity to promote your brand and advance business? Find out in this article.


A Guide to Creating a Social Media Strategy

Addison Clark
Addison Clark, Richmond’s social media specialists, share the secret behind impactful social media presences in their go-to guide for effective social media marketing. Social media provides a platform where small businesses can promote their brand, create a recognizable identity, and connect with customers.


Mobile Advertising Reaches Your Ideal Audience 

The Idea Center
Mobile Phone Advertising is exploding for as an option for small and big businesses alike. In this article, The Idea Center shares how you can now inexpensively target and reach your audience on their phones, which means a lot to retailers.