Adding Value to Membership

Retail Merchants is increasing the value of your membership.

In order to increase engagement and value, larger organizations now receive a free “Priority Club” membership. This gives the member business free access to NINE events in their year of membership.

NINE Free Events Included

The “Priority Club” membership can be used by any employee of your business and you can choose which events to redeem as free. For example, one team member can attend nine individual events, or nine employees can attend a single event or any combination!

This “Priority Club” membership is at no added cost to the business.


Retail Merchants is a membership organization that is here to serve local retailers. Our staff and Board of Directors continually focus on providing retailers with the resources they need to thrive. Yearly membership includes access to benefits that serve your business and all levels of your team members.

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Proactively protecting retailers’ rights.

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Promoting being loyal to local.

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Connecting and inspiring through events.

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Educating and providing resources.

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HUSL – The New On-Demand Workforce Solution

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Opportunity for All Team Members

Finding meaningful and simple ways to engage team members can be a task. This opportunity gives easy access to RMA benefits like networking events, educational seminars, and programs.

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“These benefits are specially crafted for our larger organizations to provide a greater value in their membership cost. I’d love to connect with you about ways you can easily leverage membership to benefit you, your employees, and your business.”

Erin Hanratta

Membership Advisor

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