January 4, 2008: FFF—How to Market in a Time When People Ignore Marketing

Photos by Robert Thomas, Robert Thomas Photography.

More than 200 people attended the January First Friday Forum

Tom Blue, partner with Accelerated Growth, covered basic marketing principles applicable to all businesses. (See the video summary of his presentation)

Tom Winfree, Village Bank and the title sponsor of First Friday Forums, shows off a signed autograph of the Village People presented to him by Bill Selden.

Dan Stackhouse with the Community Idea Stations was the Speaker Sponsor of the Jan. Forum.

Guests Steve Papoulakos, Dan Jones and Cordell Briggs.

Jennifer Timmons with Skirt! Magazine

Scott Michelson with Elman’s Packaging and Design

Allison Bloor with Paychex

Several new members attended the Forum

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